“Email is Dead!”

I run a “Mastermind group” of successful online entrepreneurs. In addition to having an email list where we have discussions on various topics pretty much every day, we also meet in person twice a year. The group is specifically set up to have a wide variety of businesses. Some members identify themselves as email publishers, sure, […]

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Don’t Say This!

Don’t say what, now? “We Hate Spam” and “We Won’t Spam You.” You see it on just about every email list signup form: “We Hate Spam!” and/or “We Promise Not to Spam You!” It’s really, really stupid to use your precious form real estate to say this, and if you think about it, you’ll realize […]

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Email Broadcasts vs Follow-on Sequences

and… How to Combine Them for Truly Masterful Marketing Last week we touched on using an automatic follow-up message beyond the initial Welcome message. Let’s go a little deeper between a “broadcast” and a “follow-up” or “drip sequence” email series — both can be very valuable and, when used correctly, extremely powerful. My main email […]

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What Do I Send Subscribers? (Part 1)

In previous articles, I’ve said that you should take care to set reader expectations right up front, and don’t violate those. That supposes you know what you’re going to send them. You know how you roll your eyes when some business sends you a stupid April Fools joke, and you’re tempted to hit the “This […]

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