Spring Cleaning

OK, so you’ve had your list for a few years, and you’ve happily gathered hundreds, thousands, even tens of thousands of happy readers. Congratulations! And then comes Spring Cleaning — which virtually no one does, or even understands why it’s a very good idea. Here’s what I mean. First, consider the list has been active … Read more

Your “Avatar”

In previous articles I’ve touched on the topic of preplanning what your list is for, who it’s for, and what you’ll be sending them. One method of figuring this all out is to “define your avatar” (as the Internet marketing folks put it). It’s actually a pretty good exercise, and I’ll tell you below the … Read more

Confirmation vs Thanks for Confirming

or, Two Different Messages with Two Critical Functions That Are Easily Confused. There are two different web pages with two corresponding email messages for your brand-new subscribers that have similar, but different, functions — and rookie list publishers confuse them all the time. Let’s make sure you’re clear on them. When someone decides that they want … Read more

Is an Email List the Right Solution?

A formal email list clearly isn’t always the right solution: you don’t need to create a formal list at an Email Service Provider to send the occasional joke to a group of friends. But beyond that, what are the determining factors between just mailing a group from your desktop, and creating a formal, hosted list? … Read more

When a Mailing Becomes Spam

Very early on I talked about Defining Your List’s Audience and how “sending an email blast” shows a terrible disregard for the audience who has granted you their attention and mailbox space. Those two ideas now come together in this comment from Charlie in New Jersey, responding to the recent “blast” article. He runs the mailing … Read more