“Email is Dead!”

I run a “Mastermind group” of successful online entrepreneurs. In addition to having an email list where we have discussions on various topics pretty much every day, we also meet in person twice a year. The group is specifically set up to have a wide variety of businesses. Some members identify themselves as email publishers, sure, … Read more

Don’t Say This!

Don’t say what, now? “We Hate Spam” and “We Won’t Spam You.” You see it on just about every email list signup form: “We Hate Spam!” and/or “We Promise Not to Spam You!” It’s really, really stupid to use your precious form real estate to say this, and if you think about it, you’ll realize … Read more

Single or Double: That is the Question

When setting up a list, you’ll need to decide: single or double? Opt-ins, that is. A “single opt-in” means that when someone puts their email address into your signup form and hits the submit button, they’re added to your list without further action. A “double” or “confirmed” opt-in means that when they hit submit, it … Read more

What Do I Send Subscribers? (Part 1)

In previous articles, I’ve said that you should take care to set reader expectations right up front, and don’t violate those. That supposes you know what you’re going to send them. You know how you roll your eyes when some business sends you a stupid April Fools joke, and you’re tempted to hit the “This … Read more

Your “Avatar”

In previous articles I’ve touched on the topic of preplanning what your list is for, who it’s for, and what you’ll be sending them. One method of figuring this all out is to “define your avatar” (as the Internet marketing folks put it). It’s actually a pretty good exercise, and I’ll tell you below the … Read more

Confirmation vs Thanks for Confirming

or, Two Different Messages with Two Critical Functions That Are Easily Confused. There are two different web pages with two corresponding email messages for your brand-new subscribers that have similar, but different, functions — and rookie list publishers confuse them all the time. Let’s make sure you’re clear on them. When someone decides that they want … Read more